Should Boxing Be Banned Discursive Essay Writing

Yes because...

As a first step, professional boxing at least should be banned, as it is already in countries like Sweden, Cuba and North Korea. Even if adults wish to fight each other for sport, violence should not be encouraged by financial reward. The amateur sport is at least much better regulated, with credible governing bodies and tough rules on wearing helmets, the length of fights, the role of the referee, etc. Knock-outs are very rare and serious injuries much less common than in the professional game (although there are still deaths each year in amateur boxing).

No because...

It would be very unfair to ban professional boxing in particular. Top amateur boxers will wish to train full-time, which can only be done by turning professional. They may be forced to go to other countries without a ban, or to appear in illegal, unregulated contests on an “underground” circuit. In any case, the lighter divisions of professional boxing are similar to the amateur sport in the rarity of knock-outs and the role of scoring in deciding fights - why should they be banned? Finally, amateur boxing is not without its critics - even at the Olympics there have been many scandals over biased scoring and the way the game is regulated.

  • Boxing is a sport, and always will be!

    For the people here saying boxers are dumb and cant read and right.Ha! Don't make me laugh. Juan Manuel Marquez- Accounting degree,Marco Antonio Barrera- College grad and degree in law,Juan Diaz- College grad and currently enrolled in law school and look at David Beckham - "er, er, at de end of da day its a game of two arves" ??? They are not dumb just because they are boxers, that's ridiculous and yes boxers are judged on how good they can punch but they are also judged on how kind they are of a person too! Muhammad Ali is so renowned as a great person he was such a like able guy not a feeling-less killing machine. You may gethurt or die but at the end of the day it can happen to anyone, you could walk out the house and get hit by a car, life is dangerous these people take risks to do what they love.

  • It's unfair to ban boxing

    Any type of sports risks injuries. If injuries are the reason why boxing is going to be banned, then they should ban other sports with more risks of death and injuries, which includes a lot of popular non-combat sports.

    If they say punching each other to see who wins is unnecessary, then how is kicking the ball into the goal necessary in soccer? What's the necessity of throwing ball into the hoop in basket ball? Why use bats and balls in base ball? Because that's the type of sports that they're playing!

    It's entertainment! It's a type of game/sports! Even kid's playing a little game of tag or hide-and-seek or anything that involves exercising risks injuries and maybe even death. There's way more things that people should be debating on and trying to ban.

  • Boxing will not be banned.

    Boxing should not be banned because its a sport that people love and some of the greatest athletes in the world are boxers. Especially for people like me who really love boxing. I mean look at Mohammed Ali one of the greatest boxers of all time, he didn't die from boxing he died from something else.

  • Boxing should not be banned.

    It is very entertaining and a way of life for some people and you cant take that away from them. Its what they enjoy so just let them do it if they want to. Its a way of living for some people and boxers make plenty money doing it too.

  • You need to mind your own business because they love what they do or they would not do it.

    No it shouldn't because it is what they love to do and they know that they could be hurt in the world of boxing. So I need to know why you guys are against them but you will get over it because more people watch boxing than people do watch the super bowl.

  • No, it is a legitimate sport.

    Boxing is a sport that causes little harm except to the boxers involved. In a way, they are consenting adults and know what the sport entails: they are possibly going to get beat up. Recently, it has been shown that repeated blows to the head can cause damage to the brain, so I do think people involved in the boxing business should look to rules and protective gear that would reduce that risk. I think they used to have a "no hitting below the belt" rule, so they could have a "no hitting above the shoulders" rule also. That would eliminate the possibility of a "knock out", though, which seems to be one of the most exciting parts of the sport.

  • No boxing should not be banned

    Boxing, a sport that pretty much comes with a guarantee of injury, is not really that just different than some other sports which are comparable to the likelihood of injury, for instance, football. Football is a full contact sport in which players are injured frequently and there seems to be no question as to whether football should be banned.

  • No, it's a sport like any other

    Boxing is a sport, just like football, baseball, basketball, etc. It is violent, but no more violent than football, which encourages people to attack one another. If it were banned it would just go underground, people aren't going to stop participating in and watching a sport that they love to do.

  • No, boxing is great sport!

    Boxing is used for sport and self defense. Boxing is included in other sports such as cage fighting. Boxing is also great cardio for anyone. The news and television is complaining about the obesity epidemic, so why ban a sport that is great for your heart and weight. Boxing can also be used as a great stress reliever, which could help in depression!

  • No, I do not believe that boxing should be banned

    Imagine if you had a brother that was in boxing and won $500,000. Now, that could never happen if we ban boxing. Also, if boxing was banned that would just lead it to a bigger attraction. It's keeping more kids off the street and it's not as violent as you may think.
    If we ban boxing, it wouldn’t do anything besides leading it to a bigger attraction for the sport. I would definitely be certain that there might be a riot. Besides, people will still do it in their backyard, so then more innocent people will die. It could also be lead to more street fights.
    Many kids are staying off the streets and doing boxing instead. I also know that kids are learning more about boxing than doing drugs. I strongly recommend you that you consider that boxing is not a violent sport. Boxers always use padded gloves and if something bad ever happens they always have some top notch doctors ringside. After all this, if you still think boxing is violent then I also suggest that you consider looking at MMA, UFC, etc et era because in my eyes, those are more violent. In conclusion, boxing shouldn’t be banned because it might lead to a bigger career, keeps most of our kids off the streets and is not a violent sport.

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