Thesis Statement On Violence

Domestic violence is characterized as consistently abusive conduct by one individual against another involved in an intimate relationship, for

A necessary to clearly state from the introduction that you have a particular point of view on domestic violence which is new and important. For instance, a general proclamation that just says abusive behavior instance, dating or marriage.  Although what is meant to be domestic violence may vary within legal frameworks, in general any type of emotional, physical, financial or sexual misuse can be interpreted as domestic violence.

Abusers commit domestic violence in order to control their victim, and maintain that control by threatening the victim’s safety. Abusers find numerous excuses to justify their actions, including religion, karma, failure to follow gender roles, and jealousy.

Before writing a thesis  statement, it is necessary to choose the aspect of domestic violence that will be discussed. Depending on the type of paper, the domestic violence thesis statement may answer a social service question, make obvious the statistics or explain the hows and/or whys of a particular issue, for example, stalking, why victims stay, confidentiality, etc.

Picking one idea for your thesis statement requires cautious consideration, evaluation of  the evidence and significance of the research on the subject. It happens at home between partners and is illegal in most cases isn’t specific and doesn’t help the readers see where the idea is going.  In this case thesis statement doesn’t serve as a roadmap for your essay. Conversely, an announcement with the exact number of domestic violence victims reflect a concrete call for action.

Types of domestic violence

Aggressive behavior at home isn’t generally the same. It includes psychological mistreatment as well as physical injuries. As an example, your thesis might address a specific type of injury. You may define how predominant this is, the reason it is an issue , what the symptoms are and/or the healing process. Such injuries as potential examples can be  wounds, bruises, bone breaks and weapon-inflicted wounds.

The Victims

It is common for many abusers to adhere to an idea that their victims are being punished for wrong behavior, failure to follow their roles or poor character. This idea formally is recognized as a belief in a just world.

Although traditionally women are seen as the victims of domestic violence, the picture isn’t accurate. The main difference is that men are mainly victims of physical violence, while women suffer much more often from rape and stalking. A thesis statement in this regard may highlight that prevention program are crucial for both genders or explain the problem of domestic violence toward men providing facts and evidence..

Professional Issues

Another option is to focus not on violence, but on social issues, such as how social service handles cases of domestic violence and works with a client who was abused. This type of paper would mostly concentrate on ethics, professional practice and work-related issues. You may choose confidentiality of an abused client, counseling technique or principles of social workers as a more narrowed topic.

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Writing Thesis Statement

Domestic violence is defined as consistently abusive behavior by one person against another involved in an intimate relationship, such as dating, marriage, etc. What constitutes domestic abuse may vary within different legal frameworks, but generally, any form of emotional, physical or sexual abuse can be construed as domestic violence. Domestic violence is alternatively also called spousal abuse, battering, and family violence.

Domestic violence is recognized as a criminal offense in almost all countries across the world. Yet, it remains a common occurrence, almost on a pandemic scale, that often goes unpunished because of the hidden nature of abuse by one partner against another in an intimate relationship. Therefore, most attempts to counter and control domestic violence are directed towards raising awareness of this crime, and changing commonly held perceptions against it.

Domestic violence isn’t limited to physical abuse alone and incorporates sexual, emotional and mental abuse as well. Physical abuse, though, is the most common form of domestic violence and includes a pattern of hitting, battery, punching, kicking, burning, etc. though this may vary from state to state. Largely, physical abuse may be defined as any abuse that involves physical contact meant to cause intimidation, pain, harm and/or physical injury.

Sexual abuse is another form of domestic violence and is usually manifested in the shape of marital/spousal rape or any sexual act performed through coercion or intimidation (physical or psychological). Sexual abuse is particularly difficult to detect because of its intimate nature.

Domestic violence can also include emotional abuse, verbal abuse, and even economic abuse. The last, economic abuse is especially common in developing economies where one partner often controls all the finances and thus, can withhold money to a partner.

The effects of domestic violence, both in the long and the short-term can be extremely detrimental to the physical, psychological and financial health of the victim. A pressing issue is the effect on the psychological health of children who witness spousal abuse. Since most domestic violence follows cyclical patterns, the effects can be especially devastating to all involved parties in the long term. Consequently, several measures have been adopted by most countries to battle domestic violence, from raising awareness about the issues at hand, to instigating victims to come out and express their plight. Offenders are often either punished by strict sentences, or offered counseling and therapy, especially for solitary, less severe incidents.

Domestic Violence Thesis Statement Examples:

* The personal, intimate nature of domestic violence makes it especially difficult to detect, despite being widespread across most societies. Consequently, children, neighbors, relatives or friends of the involved parties must be trained to detect, identify and report incidents of domestic violence if this crime is to be controlled effectively.

* Domestic violence cannot be categorized merely as a personal crime since victims of domestic abuse often suffer from depression, stress, and poor work performance, which, subsequently, affects the health of the national economy. Domestic violence, thus, must be identified as a public, national crime.

* Counseling and therapy are often more effective methods to control domestic violence than harsh punishment methods.

* In times of economic recessions, increasing unemployment and social instability leads to greater incidents of domestic violence.

* Domestic violence makes the sufferer less productive and dejected.

* Though innovative methods have been proposed in countering domestic violence in the United States, the problem still persists.

* Socio-cultural factors are responsible for the rise of domestic violence in the South Asian community living in the United States.

* The effect of unemployment on married life – Unemployment is a cause of domestic violence between couples.

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