Lottery Plate Reassignment

FillablePrintableTitle & Registration
Application for Motor Vehicle Title & Registration
Application for a Duplicate Certificate of Title (MV010) - Duplicate title form.
Boat Registration Application and Transfer of Ownership Form (MV - 607) - South Dakota boat title and registration application.
South Dakota Exemptions (MV-609) - List of all of the exemptions from the 4% motor vehicle excise tax.
Application for the Tribal Member Exemption from the Motor Vehicle Excise Tax
Application for Replacement of License Plates/Validation Stickers or Title (Lost In Mail) - (MV-303) - Used to apply for duplicate plates or title under certain circumstances.
Applicant's Tax Payment Verification - Used to verify the payment of excise tax to another state. (MV-2007)
South Dakota Verification of Tax Assessment By Out-of-State Dealer (MV-2003) - Used to verify tax payment made to an out-of-state dealer.
South Dakota Payment of Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (MV-316)
FillablePrintableLicense Plates & Decals
South Dakota Personalized License Plate Application (MV-239) - Used to apply for vanity plates.
South Dakota Application for Veteran and Active Duty Military Member License Plates and Affidavit
South Dakota Military License Application (MV-4000)
South Dakota Special License Plate Application (MV-101) - Fire Fighter, Indian Tribal, Historic, Construction Vehicle and Radio license plate application.
Application for Physically Disabled Parking Permit and License Plates (MV-044)- Used to apply for disabled person plates or permit.
South Dakota Emblem Plate Decal Application (MV-1100) - Used by organizations and first responders to apply for special decals for placement on their license plates.
South Dakota Exempt Entity License Plate Application (MV-098) - Used by exempt entities to obtain special license plates.
Affidavit for Duplicate License Plate / Validation Sticker (MV - 102)
Request For Display of Original Issue Plates on Historic Vehicle (MV-307) - Used to request authorization to display original license plates.
Farm Decal Application
South Dakota Noncommercial License Refund Application (MV-200)
Payment of Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes
FillablePrintableLicensed Dealers
South Dakota Dealer License Application (MV-902) - Used by a dealer to become licensed to do business in South Dakota.
South Dakota Dealer License Plates (MV-099)
Dealer's Report of Sale
Dealer Request Form for 45-Day Title Delivery Extension (MV - 2011)
Foreign Title Trade In Form (MV-039)- Dealer form, used on an out-of-state titled trade-in vehicle.
Dealer Exit Audit (MV-900)
Application for Temporary Manufacturer, Customizer or Dealer Permit - Used to apply for a temporary permit to display or sell certain vehicles at an event, e.g. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.
Application for South Dakota Licensed Dealer List
FillablePrintableManufactured/Mobile Home
Affidavit for Declaration for a Manufactured Home Placed on Real Estate (MV - 004)
Affidavit for Declaration for a Manufactured Home Removed from Real Estate (MV - 003)
Notice of Intent to Sell Mobile/Manufactured Home (MV-3015)
Affidavit for Purpose of Movement of an Abandoned Mobile/Manufactured Home (MV-3014)
Notice to Country Treasurer of Abandoned Mobile/Manufactured Home (MV-3013)
Manufactured Home Removed from Real Estate Checklist
FillablePrintableElectronic Lien & Title (ELT)
Affidavit of Vehicle Repossession
Application for Motor Vehicle Title & Registration
Boat Title and Registration Application
ELT - Lender Application
ELT - Nonparticipating Lender Request for Paper Title
Notification to Submit Title
Order to Cancel Lien (MV - 011)
Order to Cancel Lien for Nonparticipating ELT Lender
Affidavit for Vehicle Ownership by Succession - Used for transferring a vehicle title in the event of a death where the estate does not exceed $50,000.
Affidavit of Vehicle Repossession - Completed by a lienholder when repossessing a vehicle.
Affidavit in Support of Interstate Title (Nonnegotiable) - Temporary title and registration for an out-of-state vehicle.
Affidavit for Vehicle/Boat Registration (General Affidavit) (MV-215)- Statement of Fact, also used to correct an error that may have been made on documentation.
Off-Road Vehicle Affidavit (MV-304)- Used to verify if a 4-wheeler is street legal.
Affidavit for a Low Speed Vehicle (MV - 2012)
Affidavit for Rebuilt Motor Vehicle (MV - 950) - Used to title a rebuilt vehicle
Affidavit for Truck Tractor Converted to a Motorhome (MV-315) - Used to verify required criteria on a motor home conversion.
Affidavit for the Purpose of Movement for Disposal of an Abandoned Mobile/Manufactured Home (MV-3014)
4% Excise Tax Refund Affidavit (MV-1020)
Affidavit Claiming Lack of Residence Post Office Address
South Dakota Salvage and Recovered Theft Statement. (MV-610)
South Dakota Uniform Mileage Disclosure Statement (MV - 611)
South Dakota Damage Disclosure - Only valid for vehicles/boats acquired before July 1, 2015
Power of Attorney (MV-008) - Authorizes another person to act on behalf of a vehicle owner.
South Dakota Seller's Report of Sale
Bill of Sale: Motor Vehicle or Boat (MV-016)- Details the purchase price, date of sale and chain of ownership of a vehicle.
Driver's Privacy and Protection Act (MV-DPPA)- Used for history and title searches.
Request for Vehicle Information by Removal Agencies and Mechanics- Used for history and title searches.
Unclaimed Vehicle: Due to Unpaid Repair Bill (MV-301)
Notice of Abandoned Motor Vehicle (MV-300) - Used to obtain a title on an abandoned vehicle.
Lease Tax Worksheet for Out-of-State Vehicle Lease - Used to calculate the tax owed on a vehicle lease originating outside of South Dakota.
Lease Tax Worksheet: In-State Vehicle - Used to calculate tax owed on a leased vehicle.
South Dakota Extended or Additional Consideration Lease Tax Worksheet
Motor Vehicle Title Complaint Form (MV-097) - Use to file any complaint with the Division of Motor Vehicles.
County Treasurer Supply Request Form
License Plate Order Form

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This is the first year that online lottery application submissions will be accepted online…

It’s that time of year for Massachusetts low plate lovers – The Annual Low Plate Lottery. We love reminding Massachusetts agents about this annual event, because it is such a easy and economical way to reach out to your insureds each year and to help them get a great prize for free. In announcing the official start of this year’s lottery, Mass RMV Registrar Erin Deveney said that there are 183 low-number plates up for grabs this year.

The low plate lottery is our customers’ favorite time of the year at the RMV – Registrar Erin Deveney

“The low plate lottery is our customers’ favorite time of the year at the RMV,” said Registrar Erin Deveney.  “We are excited to have streamlined our application process this year to allow for online submissions, making it easier for our customers to enter the lottery. Not only can our customers skip the line by doing over 23 transactions at, now they can also skip the stamp and enter the lottery electronically.”

This year’s low plate lottery, which officially began this week, will run until August 26, 2016. Approximately 6,800 applications are entered for the annual lottery. By law, the winners must be announced and will be posted on the RMV website no later than September 15, 2016. In addition to being able to download and mail in  an online lottery entry form via the RMV website, applicants now first the first time ever may enter the lottery online via the new RMV online submission site at:  As a result of this new online submission opportunity, the RMV expects to see and increase in the number of lottery applicants this year.

On a final note, it is important to note that only forms mailed or submitted online will be accepted; Hand delivered entry forms will not be accepted. A complete list of the Lottery Rules and Eligibility Requirements are provided on the on-line entry form

There are 183 low plate Passenger Plates available for the 2016 lottery

This year there are 183 low number plates up for grabs in this year’s drawing, surpassing the 155 plates offered last year. While there is no fee for the lottery, there is a fee to receive a license plate in addition to a standard registration fee. Low number plates also must be renewed every two years. The following is a complete list of the low number plates available in the 2016 lottery.

153 2033 3835 5326 6804 8315 7J 81R G81Q51
229 2041 3990 5381 6866 8317 18B 83D H73R33
425 2114 4021 5393 6930 8418 31A 83Z H76R75
716 2251 4057 5543 6943 8556 32K 91J H98T62
779 2311 4122 5609 7199 8669 33R 91Y J21U10
940 2342 4150 5725 7214 9120 33S 95X K46U60
1162 2444 4221 5764 7241 9146 37E 98M K80V29
1286 2522 4351 5766 7391 9147 39X A59 K99W52
1454 2700 4455 5880 7569 9191 41Z A86 M18W58
1479 2781 4784 5935 7606 9192 54F B81 M35X16
1495 2791 4863 6172 7614 9225 54H C11 M66X77
1501 2980 4888 6268 7759 9266 65R E15 P31Y14
1587 3141 4991 6387 7815 9303 65Z E33 P45
1589 3163 5010 6614 7821 9585 68D E63 P85
1693 3269 5020 6638 8025 9770 69R E76 P94
 1763 3301 5024 6661 8127 9915 70G F33 P69
 1857 3315 5036 6721 8130 9946 71Q F76 Q28
 1972 3361 5170 6756 8183 9986 71S F82 Q35
 2007 3691 5308 6778 8269 1H 76D G31 Q49

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