Ap Literature Poetry Essay Prompts For Of Mice

Poetry – 4 weeks

How do poets use poetic devices to illuminate the human condition?

Assorted poems from Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Yeats, Plath, Eliot, Keats, Dove, Thomas, Herrick, Blake, Tennyson, and other student choice poets.

Students will demonstrate an understanding of rhyme scheme, blank verse, figurative language- simile, metaphor,  overstatement (hyperbole), understatement (litote), metonymy, synecdoche, apostrophe, onomatopoeia, oxymoron,  personification, ode, mood, tone, and syntax.

Students will read, annotate, analyze, and do in class writing activities including creating their own original poems using extended metaphors, writing comparative essays, revising essays in response to teacher feedback, complete a research project on a chosen poet, and take applied practice poetry quizzes.

Unit Essay: How do form & use of literary devices influence meaning in a chosen poet’s work?

Examining and analyzing a selection of poems from a poet of the student’s choosing (among offered selected poets) – explore what poetic devices and common poetic forms the poet is using consistently.  How do these devices shape meaning and purpose and how can  they be compared/contrasted across a variety of works.

Poetry Essay Review

Need a Quick Review? Spend a minute or two reading through … that’ll do.

  • Review terms and techniques.
  • Become familiar with types of poetry questions (prompts).
  • Highlight the prompt to make certain you are aware of required tasks.
  • Time your essay carefully.
  • Read the poem a couple of times.
  • Spend suffi cient time “working the poem” before writing.
  • Mark up the poem.
  • Create a strong opening paragraph, including prompt information.
  • Refer often to the poem for concrete details and quotes to support your ideas.
  • Always stay on topic.
  • Avoid simply paraphrasing.
  • Include transitions and echo words.
  • Practice—vary the prompt and your response.
  • Consult the models and rubrics for self-evaluation.
  • Share ideas with others.




























































Other Handouts:


Syntax _ quotes#BD2D

Poetry Packet







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Poetry Essay Prompt from 2013 ("Black Walnut Tree")

Scoring Guidelines



Poetry Essay Prompt from 2012


TPCASTT Analysis Template


Use the TPCASTT analysis template to analyze poems.

TP CASTT and DIDLS analysis template : TP-CASTT+rev[1].pdf

TPCASTT graphic organizer and planner for Bubble 3:



Poetry is a type of discourse in which something is said by means of saying something else.

That means that poetry is

  • connotative: It communicates through TONE.
  • metaphorical: It communicates by equating imagery and actions with ideas, concepts, and emotions.
  • ironic: It communicates the unexpected, the surprising, the ambiguous, and the unresolved. It communicates (but does not solve) PARADOX. 

Poetry always communicates on a level beyond the literal. 

Read images and actions on different Levels of Interpretation.

The musical and structural elements of a poem also contribute to meaning and TONE.

Chunks of a Poetry Explication








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