Hi 252 Unit 6 Assignment 1

DISCUSSION BOARDS TOP All Discussion topics can be found within their respective units of the course. Discussion Question Participation: Discussion provides a forum for students to ask questions and answer important questions about the course material. The Discussion topics also allow students to receive feedback from the instructor and other students in the class. The instructor will interact with students within the Discussion Board each week. A Discussion grade will be posted to the Gradebook for each unit. NETIQUETTE TOP Interactions in an online classroom are in written form. Your comfort level with expressing ideas and feelings in writing will add to your success in an online course. The ability to write is necessary, but you also need to understand what is considered appropriate when communicating online. The word "netiquette" is short for "internet etiquette." Rules of netiquette have grown organically with the growth of the internet to help users act responsibly when they access or transmit information online. As a Kaplan University student, you should be aware of the common rules of netiquette for the Web and employ a communication style that follows these guidelines.  Wait to respond to a message that upsets you and be careful of what you say and how you say it.  Be considerate. Rude or threatening language, inflammatory assertions (often referred to as "flaming"), personal attacks, and other inappropriate communication will not be tolerated.  Never post a message that is in all capital letters — it comes across to the reader as SHOUTING! Use boldface and italics sparingly, as they can denote sarcasm.  Always practice good grammar, punctuation, and composition. This shows that you have taken the time to craft your response and that you respect your classmates' work.  Keep in mind that Discussion Boards are meant to be constructive exchanges.  Be respectful and treat everyone as you would want to be treated yourself.  Use spell check! You should also review and refer to the Electronic Communications Policy contained in the most recent Kaplan University Catalog.

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